• REDUCE that annoying rain noise
  • Insulation value of 0.2 W/MK
  • SAVE up to 90% heat loss in the winter
  • REDUCE air conditioning bills in summer
  • 19 Layer Insulation Quilt U Value of 0.12
  • REDUCE FADING on furniture
  • REDUCED condensation
  • Qualifies for the low VAT rate of 5%

Transform any style of Conservatory

Our Insulated Conservatory Ceilings will transform your conservatory and can be install to any type of conservatory to facility with a better temperature throughout the year. Most conservatories are too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. You can’t watch your TV easily in the conservatory and when it rains, the noise can be deafening! This is where insulating your conservatory roof with a new insulated conservatory ceiling can help. Your conservatory roof will look the same from the outside but with super efficient 19 layer insulation quilt fitted and with the choice of two finishes either plastered or UPVC Ship Cladding, the interior will be transformed in just 1 or 2 days.
Our installation team will be at your home for 1 day and they are well trained to clean up before they go! You don’t need planning permission and the exterior will stay the same. The Insulated Conservatory Ceilings can be fitted on all types of Conservatories from glass, polycarbonate or timber conservatories whatever the shape or size.

5 STEPS to your New Insulated Conservatory Roof

Many of our customers choose to have a new light fitting installed to finish off their new look room. The end result is a room you can use comfortably all year round. Warm in Winter and Cool in the Summer.

Your existing conservatory polycarbonate or glass room is checked for leaks or external problems. These are rectified prior to your insulated ceiling being installed.

A treated timber subframe is installed directly onto the underside of your existing roof beams. Our experienced and qualified installation engineers have great expertise in installing insulated ceilings and take great care to make sure all the joists are carefully cut to size for a perfect job. Cross ventilation holes are installed into the ring beam to ensure there is never condensation within the insulated ceiling and that the structure can breathe effectively.

Unique 19 layer insulated quilt is installed to cover the entire underside of the conservatory ceiling. This unique, total energy efficient quilt, is designed specifically for insulating conservatory roofs and is fully compliant with building regulations and fire retardant and certificated.

A second treated timber subframe is installed which will provide the secure fixing for the insulated plasterboard that will form the beautifully crafted internal ceiling. This ceiling will follow the existing pitch and design of your existing roof to maximise headroom and also maintain the design and feel of your conservatory.

Our expert installation team will then complete the ceiling with a plaster skim, ensuring that the overall finish of the ceiling is smooth and attractive. The plaster takes a couple of days to fully dry out before you will be able to paint your beautiful new ceiling in any colour you chose.


Shiplap Upvc Ceiling Finish

The most popular choice for customers who are looking to solve temperature problems with their existing conservatory with a cost effective solution and very efficient insulation system. All installed, fully guaranteed and fitted within just 1 to 2 days.

Plastered Ceiling Finish

The insulation system is fitted with adequate cross ventilation preventing condensation or sweating of the structure. This type of finish offers a customer the very best insulation values along with a finish that really brings the room to being part of the house once again.

New Roof & Insulated Ceiling

Some roofs that have quite simply seen better days. We offer a service where we will carry out a full replacement of your the old or damaged roof before we fully insulating the inside of the conservatory roof with either a one of our stunning Upvc shiplap finish or plaster finish.

The Benefits Of All Weather Conservatory Roof Upgrades

Environmentally Friendly

Our tiled conservatory roof is constructed from a high percentage of recyclable materials and we only use timber materials sourced from sustainable forest. This means for every tree we use 3 more will be planted making it the greenest on the UK market.

Silences the Weather

Due to the intelligent mix of materials and insulation in our products, Our tiled conservatory roof will be 100% quieter than your existing glass or polycarbonate roof. The deafening noise of hail stone and rain on the roof will be a thing of the past.

Cooler in the Summer

We understand how uncomfortable your conservatory can be in the summer months so we use a multi-foil insulation to deflect the heat away from your conservatory. This means the Insullite conservatory roof system provides an ambient and comfortable living space.

Warmer in the Winter

The tiled conservatory roof makes that freezing conservatory a thing of the past. Our unique use of multi-layered insulation will turn your conservatory into a warm and comfortable room through the colder months providing a u-value of 0.18.

Conservatory Roof U-Value Comparison

What is a U-Value?

A U-Value refers to a unit of measurement describing how much heat loss is involved in any type of building element such as a roof. In basic terms, it measures how well particular parts of a building can transfer heat.
A low U-Value indicates the material is good for retaining heat, while if it loses heat then it means it has a high U-Value.

When it comes to your home, a low U-Value is preferred.

  • Tiled Conservatory Heat Loss 10%
  • Insulated Conservatory Heat Loss 15%
  • Glass Roof Heat Loss 70%
  • Polycarbonate Roof Heat Loss 85%

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